Retik Compression Clothing

Tailor made compression tights

Retik compression tights are tailor made for you. That’s why they fit you perfectly. Retik is quickly becoming the most wanted product in sports market.

Retik Compression Tights

Retik compression tights are tailor made for you. Retik tights are based on 20 specific points on your body so they will give you an optimal compression effect.

When you pull on you your Retik tights for the first time, you immediately notice the difference compared to other compression tights. You not only get a tight feeling in general, you get tights that fit you perfectly, because they are made only for you and your body.

The material in Retik is specially developed to fully adapt to your bodies movements while regaining its original form, without getting stretched or weakened. The combination of Lycra and nylon makes the fabric dry quickly and allows your skin to breathe better than polyester based garments. The surface is very pleasant and gentle to your skin and also provides protection against UV radiation.

The fabric’s isotropic properties means that it is equally strong in all directions. This feature is very rare among other types of shapewear. The material’s low surface friction maximazes freedom of movement and makes it possible to perform demanding physical activities without restrictions or reduction in force.

Retik tights are durable and long-lived garments thanks to the quality, durability and sustainability of the fabric.

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Price 295 €

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“The level of compression is the highest that I have ever used.”

“Very good compression, the details are succesfully made only for me.”

“The material is breathable and doesn’t cause sweating like other compression tights that I have used.”

“Tights work well on flights. They decrease swelling and make recovery faster especially after a long flight.”