The state-of-the art technology used in Neurosonic products provides low frequency vibrations which repair imbalance caused by stress. The vibration is highly efficient and its remedial effect is immediate and comprehensive.

The Neurosonic Chaise Longue is developed to provide a relaxing resting space for the perfect Neurosonic experience. The design of the longue makes it easy to add to any space, be it work or home.

The price shown above is for the basic colors and for the NeurosonicBasic service/performance level. For Chaise Longue you can choose from 30 different color options and from two different service/performance levels: NeurosonicBasic and NeurosonicPlus. Please contact us when you want to hear more about color options and service levels.

All the products are controlled via a mobile application. It enables users to easily select and adjust the programs to their liking. The app is available for both iOS and Android platforms.

Neurosonic Chaise Longue warranty is two (2) years.